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  • The strangest thing is, that it randomly gives no outbound DNS for some reason when I change settings, and after about 10 minutes all is fine again? And when I change settings in the Firebox the VLAN gets status FAILED and I need to reboot the device before it comes back online. I cannot find anything in the logs that…
  • Never mind.... after rebooting the firebox it is working. Sorry!! :#
  • That's not the issue, when I use a switch in front of it with the tagged VLAN port on the port connected to the fiber converter and untagged to another port and use external as type in watchguard I get an IP address buth when I let watchguard handle the VLAN I get the error?... I can connect with my laptop, pfsense,…
  • When I try to configure it like above I get a Failed on the interfaces page. It gets no IP address. When I use my old router I get a ip address instantly on vlan300. I created the vlan as type external and placed it on the port0 of the firebox with type vlan and selected the vlan to send and recieve tagged traffic. What…
  • Thanks @James_Carson ,that was just what I thought it should be. Will configure it and replace it tomorrow.
  • Thanks Bruce! I had contact with support and they offered me a 5 day licence key so I can update the device.