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  • i have it roll to fibre after 30 seconds and then roll back to Virgin once it detects its back online. I have had extensive support calls with them, but this IP assignment / slowness issue seems to be mentioned on a few forums
  • Hi Samir, when the service was installed it was running at 500Mbps approx on dynamic using a laptop, the engineer said once I activate your static IPs it will be about 250Mbps, he was right and I have tested as you mentioned above. Still seems to b…
  • I changed to the WG predefined IPSec Packet Filter and have not had any issues testing today, even though mine looked identical in configuration......I have now applied this to two WG M200s to test, so I will see how it goes, thanks
  • following the WG Documentation I still have an issue; * Disable the built-in IPSec policy * create a new custom policy with; ESP protocol AH Protocol Port 500 UDP Port 4500 UDP * restricting IPs on that policy to "Firebox" this work…
  • superb! thanks Bruce
  • hi Tom, once the ping (any to any) was removed there is now no traffic, I cant find much more info on security zones as thats the first place I looked, when you specify custom it did not seem to make much difference, I will look at those "zones…
  • (Quote) in one of my multiple test configs I had ping any to any, that's it! as I was using PING to test connection from each vlan. No other type of connection works cheers Bruce
  • cheers Bruce, that's what I thought as well.
  • ok Bruce, makes sense, I will double check policies and switch config Although in my test setup, I have 2 x 3500yl 48G switches (both with vlan20 and vlan30 on them) and if I remove the Watchguard uplink they can not talk between VLANs, but vlan 20…
  • Hi Bruce, no policies like that are in place. I thought maybe it was the security zones as they can be configured per VLAN on the WG. there must be a way of separating VLANs that are tagged on one uplink. Thanks
  • only just seen this guys, thanks for the input. The configuration has changed a bit since initial implementation. Virgin Media fixed a couple of their issues in the early days of this setup and its quite stable now but dependent on which speed tes…