• The reason I did not do this is that while researching setting up a DMZ, I found Fireware online references indicating that an Any-packet to Any External was not supported or would be ignored. Happy to try it though.
  • Thanks Bruce - the HTTPS packet filter worked - just had to get a list of cloud IPs for the ZScaler application servers. Once i had those it worked perfectly.
  • Great - thanks for the info, Bruce. Will post results when I can get it configured.
  • I realized I did not have my Ooma policy high enough on the list to allow the required traffic. Kind of a DUH moment. When I moved the TCP-UDP policy for that IP up to the top the device started working. Thanks Bruce!
  • I am having the exact same Ooma issue with my T35 12.5.3. I know the Ooma IP but can't seem to find the packet filter to be able to see what packets are being denied. I watch the traffic through Traffic Monitor, but i don't see how to filter that. I can see that there do not seem to be many if any DENY on the Ooma IP. I…