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  • turn out one of our engineers decided to tidy up the cables and.. connected my wan 2 port to one of our switches... I only noticed when we changed from static to dhcp and got internal ip !.... VPN works just fine through secondary connector. Admin can delete this thread.
  • No it's not ISP. It's the same ISP and we already tried swapping lines. Same result. I am now in contact with Wachguard technical, they think issue is Firewall related and want to check few things via webex. I will update this thread if we manage to fix it.
  • I have updated firmware to 12.8.2 just for sanity check. VPN still works via first line but won't work via second line...
  • [Related Logs] <158>Nov 14 08:26:40 iked[2914]: (WachguardSecondLineIP<->DraytekIP)Resending phase-1 message to DraytekIP. Gateway-Endpoint:ColeyAvenue p1saId:0x0 <158>Nov 14 08:26:44 iked[2914]: (WachguardSecondLineIP<->DraytekIP)Resending phase-1 message to DraytekIP. Gateway-Endpoint:ColeyAvenue p1saId:0x0 <158>Nov 14…
  • it's T40, running on 12.7.2. I have tried updating to 12.8.2 but then I couldn't make VPN work at all so I have reversed the firmware. not SD-WAN no link monitor. I don't think so, we are buying from a reseller in UK. Habitech. I will try to get some techsupport from them now.
  • I have tried all available Multiwan configurations. Then I excluded External interface 2 from multiwan but no avail. The BOVPN connection attempt fails. Tunels are fine, it works perfectly fine using external interface 1 (wan port 0). Its the same issue for client ssl connections I can't make it work for my second external…