• Does promoting your business include making the community aware of a security related IT position using WatchGuard products? This is an end-user role.
  • Long time WG user and have worked with George many times over the years, particularly on betas back to the initial release of Fireware. He’s a stand up guy and over the years WatchGuard has had many others. If they didn’t we would have moved on at some point in the past 26 years going back to the original Firebox in 1996.
  • Meant to add this earlier. Possibly someone trying to exploit unpatched Windows systems (February 2021 update) CVE-2021-24074.
  • Interesting, we've seen this pattern recently but just in the past 6 days. It went on over 2 days 8/25 to 8/26 and stopped. Appears to be either a very old attack vector (script kiddie) or somebody has figured out a new approach to an old vector. 153 events on our main firewall during that time. Bruce - long time since…
  • on the lssProc.dll issue, an uninstall and reboot allowed the install. I have reported this to WatchGuard via a support incident.
  • Now occurring with 12.6.1, uninstall did not work. dll:C:\users\admin.user\AppData\Local\Temp\is-MUP7Q.tmp\lssProc.dll Note the part is-xxxxx changes with each install attempt. Windows 10 Pro version 1909 (10.0.18363.778) 64 bit.