clients not showing in my Gateway Wireless Controller

Just upgraded to M370 12.4.1 w/2-AP120's ver.8.6.0-646 and 1-AP125 ver.8.8.1-101 running WSM/FSM 12.5.3.

When I'm in GWC and I want to see the clients connected to our AP's my AP125 shows clients connected but when I click on 'wireless clients' the AP125 isn't listed neither are the two SSIDs associated with it.

My AP120's are listed with the SSID's accociated with them and the clients.
I have an 'employee' designated SSID on each of the 3 AP's, I see it listed under 'wireless clients' for the AP120's and I see the list of connected users but not for the AP125.

I've looked around, is there a setting for this or reason this won't show up?


  • Is the AP125 showing as Online and Activation Status = Activated in GWC?

    Consider opening a support incident on this.

  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @bford
    There's been some changes in GWC to communicate with the newer AP firmwares -- I'd suggest starting by upgrading the firewall to the latest version (12.5.4 or 12.6.1, respectively -- depending on your firewall)

    If they still don't populate, I'd suggest what bruce said, and open a ticket with support.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • @Bruce_Briggs
    Yes, the AP125 is online and Active, it's listed as one of my AP's with the number of clients connected. It just won't list the clients or SSID's associated with it.
    My Dimension even shows the client traffic in the reports, so it seems the AP125 is working, clients connect and get internet, I just can't see who they are or which SSID they're using. (Guests or Employees)

    Thanks for the reply Bruce.

  • @James_Carson
    I thought maybe that might be my recourse, to upgrade, but I'm concerned about older AP's.
    I'm in the process of retiring 2-XTM 515's for the M370; my first 515 had the current AP's (AP120 and AP125), my next 515 has 5 more AP's associated with it I need to move over and they're older (3 need to be replaced but not at this time); 3 - AP200's, 1 - AP120 and 1 - AP325.

    Do the AP200's work with the current Fireware software? They went EOL this past summer. Will the GWC find and work with the EOL AP200's?

    Thanks James

  • james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @bford

    The end of life APs should still work with no issue, if the APs are on the newer firmwares for those devices. (They'll show up with some arbitrary date in the future so that GWC will allow them to be managed.) They just won't have all the features the newer devices will.

    The big issue with the EOL APs is that if there's any sort of patch (like for the WPA2 crack issue a year or two back) there won't be any updates for them.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

  • @James_Carson

    Thank you for that information.
    I understand the 'no updates' for the older AP's, we're going through major construction, new phone system, etc., they're on my radar, I just need to keep them working until they get replaced. Sooner than later!

  • Update!
    I updated most of my AP's this weekend to the latest firmware for each.
    What I've noticed so far is this;
    The latest firmware 8.9.0-63 will show I have clients connected in GWC but when I click "Wireless Clients" to see who's connected and which SSID they're using the AP's with the firmware 8.9.0-63 aren't listed.

    I say this because I didn't get one of my newest AP's updated; AP325 running 8.5.0-658 showed me who was connected and which SSID they were connected to.

    I have 4 AP's (1-AP125 and 3-AP325's) with fw 8.9.0-63 and non of them will list who's connected and which SSID but GWC shows clients connected.

    I would have updated my Firebox but I had other issues that needed attention. I didn't want to stir the pot with too many new ingredients!

    If need be can I downgrade my AP firmware?

  • How to downgrade the firmware version on an AP managed by a Firebox to a previous version

  • Good Morning @Bruce_Briggs

    Thank you, I downgraded two so far (8.5.0-658) and I'm seeing who's connected.
    I'll have to work my way back up to see which one breaks the list.

  • A late update: everything is working at this time.

    AP125 v8.6.0-644.3 is showing me SSID's and connected clients
    AP325 v8.5.0-658 is showing me SSID's and connected clients

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