Need IPv6 addresses on multiple external interfaces

We are multi-homed on IPv4 with two separate ISPs using an active/passive fire-cluster of M200s as our gateway and to do BGP announcements. At the moment, Fireware only supports a single external interface with an IPv6 addresses. We would like to be multi-homed on IPv6 but need additional IPv6 support from Fireware.

IPv6 seems to have a problem where vendors are not completely supporting IPv6 because users are not demanding IPv6 support because the vendors are not providing full IPv6 support.


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    Juan_NakasoneJuan_Nakasone WatchGuard Representative

    Hello keithwhare,

    Multi-WAN support for IPv6 is being worked on as an enhancement request. The request is being tracked as FBX-3998.


    Juan Nakasone | Support Engineer
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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    Any predictions on a time frame for multi-WAN IPv6 support? I opened a case on this topic in 2015 (Case 00832521).

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    benpmbenpm WatchGuard Representative

    Good to know that you're looking at using this with BGP Keith. This is an item that we're working on, however we are looking to address some of the dependencies at the same time with IPv6 Multi-WAN for customers that do not have BGP.

    We are continually adding IPv6 enhancements, however the concept of what is needed for "full support" varies by who is asking. It is worth noting that some features are not expected to be relevant for IPv6, and that full support for some may translate to every feature in a single-stack IPv6 network.

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    Are there any updates to this? I've currently run into the same roadblock.

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    +1 on this, its now Dec 2023 and I'm on a Firebox m590 running 12.10 which is currently the latest available and I'm unable to configure IPv6 on two external interfaces.

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