No AP's or Clients displayed in Wireless Gateway

I'm using Fireware XTM 12.0 and I don't see any AP's or Clients displayed in the Wireless Gateway, although the 3 AP's installed are working fine and devices are connected to them. It doesn't matter whether I use the Fireware Web UI or log into the device. No devices are displayed. Has anyone ever had this issue before?




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    Could you be running 12.0.1 ?

    If so, there is important info in the V12.0.1 Release Notes related to GWC, including this statement:

    "If you do not have a secure passphrase correctly configured before the upgrade, you will lose the management connection with your deployed APs. If this occurs, you must physically reset the APs to factory default settings to be able to manage the APs from Gateway Wireless Controller."

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    Thanks Bruce. I see I'm actually at V12.1 so that must be the culprit. I'll check this out. Thanks again.

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